Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Walking home yesterday at the end of a nice (no, I can't call it columbus) day off, I saw a sign advertising two dress shirts for the price of one. The sign was at Frugalista, the second hand clothing store on the first floor of the old Kenesaw Apartment building.

3 for 10 was the name of this place when I first shopped there. As in 3 items for $10. Now it's knows as Frugalista. Two years ago 3 for 10 underwent a slight transformation, and went for a more upscale look (and prices). I still like it. 

The selection is probably 65-35 women's, or maybe 70-30, but there is a decent men's section on the right as you enter the store. Heavy on J Crew, Tommy and Ralph Lauren Polo pattern shirts, various brand jeans and men's slacks. And sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. There are a lot of sweaters at this place. They continue to upgrade with new wardrobe-like display for the shoes and point of sale system, from what I remember. 

As for the shirts, I didn't buy any yesterday, but hey, a great choice if you're looking to save a few bucks or consume something used instead of new. Frugalista is located at the corner of Irving and Mt P Streets NW, at 3069 Mount Pleasant Street.