Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dupont's Panera Bread a Work in Progress

1350 Connecticut Ave NW
Looking at Panera Bread's online menu, I'm noticing a lot of items marked "It's Back!

It is? Why did it go away? 

They are excited. About something. And I know more than a few people excited that the bakery and cafe plans to open up shop for the first time in DC; next to a 42 bus stop in Dupont.

Panera is one of those places that is really cool because you went there once, in another town, but couldn't go again because there isn't one near where you live. It's cute and they have a vegan soup and the coffee really hit the spot when you were hard pressed to get something decent on that retched drive through southern Jersey. Who says there's no culture in that state. Not me. At the very least there is a Panera. And they even had free wifi.

Anyway, Panera is hopefully opening some time in 2010 and they look fairly close to accomplishing that. If I remember correctly, they are advertising for job openings on site. The location is 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW. This space previously housed a Lawson's Gourmet and is right in between a Cosi and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. It's also one of the first eateries you encounter exiting the Dupont south Metro escalators or the 42 bus southbound at the same stop. Booya for more lunch and coffee options in Dupont.