Monday, November 8, 2010

Lunch: Devon & Blakely

Devon & Blakely is a cafe located in downtown DC. To me, it is more upscale and the food and service are higher quality than a sandwich shop like Potbelly's or bakery like Firehook. D&B has make-your-own salads, various soups, sandwiches and prepared foods. 

The experience reminds me of a New York deli-cafe: fast moving, high volume and a pricey but very good selection. I like the location near the White House (803 15th St NW), but have also been to the 13th and F NW location. There is a third DC store at 18th and K NW and multiple locations in New York City.

They have vegan food! Obviously you can make the salad vegan by choosing vegan ingredients. There is at least one vegan soup daily, and last week I had the three bean chili. It was very good. Just about right for a mid November lunch. At the time I had to choose between the chili and vegetarian lentil. 

D&B also has a huge selection of a la carte prepared foods including Indian inspired chana masala or roasted cauliflower, which I chose. The items can add up in price and it's probably not cost effective for someone like me to eat there daily, but it was a nice treat. Outside seating was real plus and I need to try to revisit next spring when the weather may make for a more enjoyable experience. Another great vegan lunch spot downtown.