Monday, November 1, 2010

Out and About: Eatonville Adds Vegan Dishes

Eatonville only recently made it onto my restaurant radar. As often as I frequent U Street, I had never been to this sister restaurant of Busboys and Poets. Eatonville is named after the Florida town of the same name; and inspired by it's most famous resident, author Zora Neale Hurston. 

The menu is southern, southern, southern. I'm from the south, but just made my first visit to this establishment last week. What a treat!

Eatonville just recently added a handful of vegan plates. They work, and that's more important to me than throwing on several standard veggies over rice dishes that don't necessarily mesh with the menu. The three I tried were the vegan gumbo, the hoppin' john and the pan fried vegan chicken. Hoppin' john is sort of a southern version of red beans and rice; using black eyed peas instead. All were very well done! The pan fried chicken is made of one of the more popular brands of faux chicken (gardein, I believe) and came with hoppin' john and collards. Really satisfying! Great fall comfort food. Staff was awesome and the space is gorgeous. 

Eatonville looks like it's taking some cue from Busboys by slowly bringing in vegan dishes that complement each other and also the res of the non vegan menu. So, you can eat vegan in a wonderful space and get the same experience that any other diner gets. Keep what works and improve on the rest. Doesn't hurt that the cocktail list of adult beverages is A+, too.  Cool spot, will have to make a repeat trip. Eatonville is located at the corner of 14th and V Sts NW.