Monday, December 13, 2010

Pho DC and Wok and Roll Asian Bistro Now Open

New (and improved?) Wok and Roll in AM
Two recent openings I had been keeping an eye on: Pho DC in Chinatown and Wok N' Roll Asian Bistro in Adams Morgan. 

Wok and Roll Restaurant is in Chinatown. Its new sister establishment, Wok 'N Roll Asian Bistro is in Adams Morgan. I'm just going to call them Wok and Roll I and Wok and Roll II. The Bistro does appear much nicer, decor-wise. And the ambiance says "dinner out on the town" more than "cheap lunch specials."

But the menu is i-dent-i-cal to Wok and Roll I. Literally, they use the same paper menu. The address and phone numbers have been plastered over with new info, but the dishes are, word for word and number for number, the exact same. So, we'll see. Maybe the cooks are better. Or maybe they just dress better. Not that I don't like Wok and Roll I, it's great; but maybe the image upgrade will be paired with a menu upgrade at some point. Wok and Roll II is located at 2400 18th Street NW, halfway point of the Adams Morgan commercial strip. 

Pho DC Vietnamese Noodle and Bar quietly opened late last week. Today is the official hard opening. I have yet to visit and the website was not quite up and running at the time of this posting, but the menu should be in line with other small pho establishments in DC (Pho 14, Nam-Viet). Pho DC is very close to the Gallery Pl-Chinatown Metro station and about 3 blocks from the 42 bus; at 608 H Street NW.