Tuesday, April 26, 2011

120 Seat Italian Restaurant Moving Along

Graffiato will be a two story Italian restaurant near Chinatown, opening this year. The restaurant does an awesome job at documenting the process with a blog and active website, Twitter, etc. I've noticed more coming and goings the last few times I've walked by the space (707 6th St NW), but it looks like they've been working pretty hard for some time now. 

707 has been long abandoned, as far as I know, but sits on a block with a decent number of food options, for being one removed from the busier 7th Street strip. Burma, Chinatown Express, Kanlaya, Pizza Bistro Med and Urfa Tomato Kabob are already established on the same block of 6th Street. And Graffiato will sit in between the Muse nightclub (formerly Coyote Ugly!) and Absolute Thai. 

Graffiato is shooting for a Spring 2011 open.