Friday, July 29, 2011

Keeping Tabs: More Bikes!

Giant grocery CaBi station
Big Red Bikes: Obtaining a Capital Bikeshare bike in Mount Pleasant may become easier, and soon. DDOT and Capital Bikeshare have decided where they'll be expanding the system this fall. There are 32 new stations scattered around the city. Mount Pleasant isn't getting a new station. However, we will benefit from one expanded station in the neighborhood and several nearby. The station at Lamont Park is slated for expansion; as are the stations at 16th and Harvard NW and at Giant grocery in Columbia Heights (Park Rd & Holmead Pl NW). Great news! 

Old Church, New Condos?: DC Mud updated us recently on the plight of Meridian Hill Baptist Church. It was heavily damaged in 2008 in the 3145 Mt Pleasant St fire. The church is located at 3146 16th Street NW, directly behind the aprtment building which caught fire (and destroyed).

Apparently, the structure will not become a church after renovation; it will become housing. Specifically, condos. According to DC Mud, 55-60 condos are slated to fill the structure which is nearly 100 years old, but has been vacant since the fire. The church's insurance and cash on hand weren't enough to fully rebuild over the years. Pretty sad. No word if any former 3145 residents will be able to secure housing in the Meridian Hill Church project. That would be just fantastic. More updates as they come. Have a great weekend folks. Be safe.

Meridian Hill Baptist Church hours after March 2008 fire.