Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alberto's Out, Smoothie King In

Lots of Adams Morgan moves recently.

Alberto's was on of those half-reputable pizza places that was probably lumped in with the jumbo slice purveyors by passers-by, or at least by me. I don't know when exactly Alberto's closed, but they are indeed closed as of this week. 

The storefront, at 2438 18th St NW, will be filled by  Smoothie King, now in its fourth NW neighborhood. Gallery Place and Dupont each has a store, as does the food court of the Reagan Building (1300 Pennsylvania Ave). Smoothie King was founded in the 1960s and now relies on a franchising model to expand to new markets. They're actively looking to expand in DC as well as the states of Maryland and Virginia.

Good to have add variety on the strip. With pizza, falafel, schawarma, empanadas and more, there are plenty of choices for hand held, cheap foods in a neighborhood mostly known for bars and restaurants. Add smoothies to that list. I imagine they'll do just fine.