Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun Post: Ottomania!

Zeba Bar. Have you been? This is a newer bar, in Columbia Heights; blocks away from Mount Pleasant. It has three levels, multiple bars and a patio (but you better get on that soon, it's getting cold!). Zeba is at the corner of 14th and Newton NW. I'm told by trusted sources that it has a chill vibe, good happy hours and good Mediterranean food (yum!). 

A crew of stellar DJs (India Nile, Beatrix, vANNIEty Kills) from Mount P + nearby are hosting a party there this weekend. This Saturday, Ottomania! hits Zeba. Think Gypsy punk, Balkan beats and other music from Bosina to Greece to Turkey. Totally danceable and starts right around party o'clock, 10PM, and goes until closing. Hint: bar special for Saturday is Lagunitas + Jameson = $6. What, really? To good to be true, yea? No, it's real.

I'll swing by at some point, so maybe see you there. Zeba is located at 3423 14th St NW, a few blocks from Columbia Heights Metro station or 42 bus. Directly in front of the 52/54 bus stop. FREE.