Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slow Down, Pretty Please

This is a neighborhood PSA: Slow down, please. 

One of the first posts on this blog was, in fact, about speeding cars in Mount Pleasant. In my little world, this is still a problem! We can debate all day about whether DC, VA or MD produces the most horrendous driving  But, one offense that drivers from all three are guilty of is speeding through Mount Pleasant.

With virtually no enforcement, no bulb outs and only scattered speed humps I feel like speeding is not really checked in Mount Pleasant. There is usually sufficient traffic on Mount Pleasant Street itself to limit speeding, but the four way stops and pedestrian crossings are fair game for more aggressive drivers, apparently. There's really no straight-shot east/west route in and out of the neighborhood. So, people are always scheming to make a quick left onto Park Road, or cut through on Kilbourne, or beat the light on Irving, or whip around the turn at Monroe Street; the list goes on. 

There are many school kids, elderly, dog walkers, walking commuters, bikers and everyone in between trying to enjoy ourselves and get around. Let us do that in peace and safety. Slow down, please.