Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bus, The Blog, The Song?

If there is a bus route that deserves a song, it's the 42. The ride I love so much has thousands of other fans like you (or maybe you aren't always a fan, depending on circumstances). The 42's crescent shaped path through NW mirrors an old streetcar route and terminates in Mount Pleasant. Along the way the driver picks up riders in downtown, Dupont, Kalorama, Adams Morgan and all stops in between. 

Despite my issues with certain peculiar characters that frequent the bus, I have an affinity for riding the 42 beyond getting from here to there. I do sometimes sing songs to myself on the bus, but this is the first song I know of written for the the bus. It's by DC musician René Moffatt. The name of the song, of course,  is "Route 42"

And the songwriter has partnered with local businesses along the route to promote the song by offering "42" themed specials. They'll be available until March 4 (Sunday!)

Tryst: “Route 42” Signature Cocktail for $4.20
The Diner: “Route 42” Signature Cocktail for $4.20
Hello Cupcake: Signature logo “Route 42” Cupcake
Yola: “Route 42” Latte
Flying Fish: “Route 42” Rocky Road Bus Tire Cake