Monday, March 19, 2012

Mount Pleasant Assembly Meeting March 24

On March 24, a meeting of the minds (you & other Mt P residents) will allow for neighbors to get acquainted and act as a live community forum of sorts. I don't know the organizers, but I have seen posted signs around the neighborhood as well as a listing on the neighborhood Yahoo group. The text of the announcement is:

The Mt Pleasant Assembly is being built by neighbors for neighbors as a space for them to meet and talk about Mt Pleasant needs, resources and to develop and support projects to meet those needs.

The first Mt Pleasant Assembly will begin at 5 pm on Saturday, 24 March, at St Stephen's, 1525 Newton St NW.

The first part of the flyer listed a fundraiser event for the Assembly, but unfortunately it has since passed. I'll pass along any more information I receive before the weekend. If you're involved or are planning to go let me know @The42BusDC or