Friday, May 4, 2012

Return of the Mt Pleasant Farmers' Market

Happy Friday! And Happy early Saturday. Get ready for summer and the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market. The first market of the season is tomorrow from 9:00AM-1:00PM.... and each Saturday until November 17, 2012.

(You know, I almost wrote "Return of the Mack" for the title of this post. But, I caught myself. Anywaaaaay....)

This week look for bagels (Atwater's), strawberries, apples, mushrooms, homemade ginger ale (People's Bao) and asparagus. Bikers; bring your bikes, the Bike Clinic will be open, too.

If it's your first time, come to Lamont Park, 3200 Mount Pleasant St NW. About 5 blocks from Columbia Heights Metro station and accessible via the 42, S, H and Circulator buses. See you there!

And since I was thinking about it, Return of the Mack! Have a great weekend.