Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Training at Past Tense

Photo courtesy of Past Tense
Mount Pleasant's own Past Tense yoga studio is offering a spring yoga series geared towards all the athletes in the neighborhood. This is a four part series that uses yoga to improve your sports practice. Admittedly, the only athletic activity I take part in besides running for the bus is biking. I wish I had it in me to be a regular runner, but no. whenever I see you guys and ladies running the streets of Mount P after work, I kind of envy you. Just not my thing. I ride bikes. But, I digress.

The four sessions are specific to specific types of sporty activities. From Past Tense: 

1) The running, tennis, and kickball session focuses on the feet and legs, particularly the hips and hamstrings. 2) The biking and kayaking session focuses on the hips, core and back. 3) The golf, baseball, and swimming session focuses on the core, upper back, shoulders and arms. 4) And the climbing, sky diving and bungee jumping session focuses on inversions, balance, breath and fear.

The first session is May 17. The cost is $30 per session and $100 per series (member price is less). Want a discount? Everyone wants a discount. Past Tense was nice enough to pass along a  promo code. Use the code "Spring10" for a 10% discount when registering for the class. For more information and to sign up, visit the Past Tense event schedule.