Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Vintage" Barbershop Opening in Adams Morgan

By the end of September, residents of Adams Morgan may be able to get a hot lather shave and a haircut at the Wise Owl Club. Owners of the Wise Owl Club Barbershop hope to open at 2010 18th St NW this month, according to their Facebook page. I usually shave myself, but I've seen the hot lather shaves at my barbershop and I suppose it's a nice experience? I don't know, really. I do enjoy getting a haircut, though. Makes me feel like a new person. For a day or two anyway.

Adams Morgan Mainstreet describes the Wise Owl Club as "vintage style" with "a relaxed atmosphere, good music and, good reading material." These should be the staples of any good barbershop. As you know, I'm all for more retail (non-bar) businesses opening in Adams Morgan, so this is good news. Good Luck Wise Owl Club, good luck.