Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Housing for 18th Street Jubilee Property

The empty property at 2448 18th Street NW has been successfully permitted for historic preservation review, an elevator, and changes for electrical, fire, mechanical, plumbing and zoning. Jubilee Housing Inc. is the current owner and is making structural changes in order to convert the building into "6-ROOM BOARDING HOUSE ON 2ND - 4TH FLOORS & OFFICE ON 1ST FLOOR"; essentially affordable housing for low wage earners or fixed income residents.

Jubilee does great, great work and has several properties in the neighborhood already. At 6 units, the housing at 2448 is small compared to the others. Their smallest current property is 12 units and the largest is 60. The total property size of 2448 18th St NW is 3,800 square feet.