Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kanlaya, Burma, Urfa Restaurants All Close

Three adjacent restaurants on 6th Street NW in Chinatown have closed. The restaurants closed ahead of new development that will replace the current structures with offices. Kanlaya (Thai), Burma (Burmese), and Urfa Tomato Kabob (Mediterannean) all closed shop over the course of the last few months, anticipating the closure of their building (740 6th Street NW). 740 and the adjacent 736 are being renovated and rebuilt into office space over the next year. 

The new building will be comprised of class-B offices with about 18,500 square feet of rentable space (including 4,500 sq ft of retail). The building is scheduled to open in 2015. No word if any of the three restaurants will be part of the retail space in the new development. 

Rendering of new construction via Douglass Development