Tuesday, April 22, 2014

US VegWeek + Puppet Underground

Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan is one of many restaurants offering VegWeek specials.
I'm a little late on this, but wanted to note that US VegWeek is this week! Takoma Park-based Compassion Over Killing started VegWeek in 2009 and the goal is to celebrate the benefits of vegetarian foods and a vegetarian diet. It's not coincidence that it falls on the same week as Earth Day (today!). There are a ton of restaurants in DC --and beyond-- that are participating in US VegWeek, including a few on the 42 bus line. Just check out this page for a map view of participating venues. More events, from the organizers:

Plus Smoke & Barrel, The Muse (at Corcoran), Busboy & Poets, Mellow Mushroom, Pete’s Apizza, and many more restaurants are offering specials.  You’ll find it all mapped out on US VegWeek.com  

Puppet Underground is hosting TONIGHT at Haydee's

Also wanted to note that Puppet Underground has two events in April! This fun and awesome group has been bringing thought-provoking, good-times puppetry & theatre to Mount Pleasant for the past few years and they're not done. The first event is tonight at Haydee's (again, sorry for the late notice!) and the next is on April 29. Please check them out if you haven't had a chance. Good stuff! From the organizers:

Come dance it up with Puppet Underground at our live music fundraiser!:

Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Son Cosita Seria

Tuesday, April 22nd
At Haydee's Restaurant
3102 Mt Pleasant St NW

We are SO excited to host the legendary Rude Mechanical Orchestra, the raucous activist marching band and dance troupe from NYC! They will be bringing a 15-piece band, playing a set that may include a spritz of klezmer, some Balkan and Brazilian notes, plenty of funk, some Latin beats, a little jazz and a Le Tigre cover, all of it served up with a patina of punk. 

Also playing is the ever fabulous Son Cosita Seria, Puppet Underground's unofficial House Band. Playing Son Jarocho, traditional string music from the state of Veracruz in southeastern Mexico that combines Spanish, indigenous, and West African roots, Son Cosita Seria's complex rhythms and zapateado (percussive dancing) will have you partying all night!

What Are We Raising Money for?
We are supporting the social justice work of both the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Son Cosita Seria. We are raising money for RMO to continue their work serving the efforts of progressive and radical groups and causes, providing musical support to many grassroots efforts inside and outside of NYC. We are raising money for Son Cosita Seria to buy more Son Jarocho instruments from Veracruz to support their community workshops here in DC and to continue to provide musical support to local, national and international social justice actions and events.

We're thrilled to present an awesome new play by Der Vorfuhreffekt Theater (the folks who brought you "The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act"):

"Three Kinds of Wildness"
Tuesday, April 29th
At St. Stephen's Church
1525 Newton St NW

In the maze of tunnels that make up the deepest gold mine in the world, there exists an underground city—home to an ice baron, a telegraph inventor, and a doctor who’s dubious about the inherent value of the human heartbeat. The inventor’s daughter hears so much that it’s as if she can’t hear anything. The ice baron returns from debtor’s prison and becomes mayor. The mayor has a secretary who once gave birth to a pile of rabbit parts. The doctor seems certain that all of her patients are miners, though no one can remember the last time anyone saw a miner. The inventor hires a specialist, who arrives just in time for the Great Civic Parade, to which, of course, you’re all invited. Perhaps you might want to wear red?

Der Vorfuhreffekt Theater is on the forefront of the DIY devised theater movement. They create high quality theater by low tech means, integrating puppetry, light play and other fun stage tricks in their quest to tell irreverent, funny and ultimately moving stories. We REALLY recommend you make it out to see this one!