Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An Indoor "Beach" + Indiana Jones: Summer at the Museums

National Building Museum
Two very cool & unique museum exhibitions to add to your summer plans:

The National Building Museum is looking to build a massive indoor "beach" that will fill its Great Hall all summer. The beach won't have actual sand or water though. The water will be represented by hundreds of thousands of translucent plastic balls; like those you probably jumped into at the theme park ball pit as a kid. As planned, you'll be able to lounge at the "shore," wade out into the "waves" or grab a bite to eat. The Beach opens July 4, 2015 and the museum has an Indiegogo to help the exhibition along. The National Building Museum is located at 401 F St NW.

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In my 11-year old mind Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was the best. movie. ever. Sean Connery + Harrison Ford + destroying Nazis = win. I'm still a huge fan of the franchise -- yes, including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So, it was with great delight that I read about the National Geographic Museum hosting Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. Awesome! (11 year old me loves this, too.) The exhibition opened in May. It features a mix of movie set pieces from the Indiana Jones series, real-life archaeological artifacts from digs & explorations, and information on the science of archaeology. The exhibition runs until January 3, 2016, so you have time. But don't sleep! The National Geographic Museum is located at 1145 17th St NW.