Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Adams Morgan Day in 2015 - WOMP

The writing was on the wall. The internet wall anyway. Admins of the Facebook page for Adams Morgan Day recently posted a note indicating that there would not be a festival this year -- the first year without a fest since 1977. And yesterday, this WAMU story confirmed that the organizing entity has essentially crashed into the mountain, leaving unpaid bills, questionable financial scenarios, and no real path to obtain permits for a 2015 Adams Morgan Day. So, the festival as we know it is off for this year.

What a bummer! I hate to be cynical in such situations, but BALL DON'T LIE. Either 1) running this event as it is just isn't financially feasible, or 2) the organizers were negligent / out of their league, or worse, 3) the organizers let the festival deteriorate beyond event horizon due to willful financial mismanagement. Either way, we're left without my favorite neighborhood festival in the District.

After the sudden loss of Mount Pleasant Day and eventual departure of Fiesta DC over the last decade, those of us in Mount P know the frustration of suddenly being without a major indicator of neighborhood pride. Of course some residents are loathe to support the festivals because of street closures, parking, trash, potential noise and whatnot, but I consider a good festival as a net win for the neighborhoods. We get to celebrate and support local businesses, draw in folks from other parts of DC, and be reminded of why we like living here. And yes, you tend to see a lot of your friends, all at once. That's really worth it in the end. That and samosas from Jyoti. I guess I'll have to call up some friends and make a plan to eat at Jyoti this September. We'll make our own Adams Morgan Day. Friends and samosas forever. No permits needed.