Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bar Deco Coming to 6th St NW

Bar Deco is under construction on 6th St NW near Chinatown. It's in the space formerly occupied by the ill-fated Coyote Ugly (there's nary a mention of the DC store on their website). More recently this space was occupied by the lounge-y but unsuccessful Muse nightclub. Restaurant and bar activity on 6th St has picked up in the last 5 years (Denson, Daikaya & Izakaya, Flight, Penn Commons, Absolute Thai, Graffiato, Corner Bakery, etc.) But this space in particular has never really been stable since Coyote Ugly. Maybe Bar Deco will stick around for a while.

DCRA permits reveal that much of the space has been renovated over the last ~16 months. The permits also indicate that the total occupant load will be 311 persons, including 180 seats. It appears as if Bar Deco will utilize all three floors and the 1,200 sq foot rooftop, which is probably awesome. 

Bar Deco recently began advertising for open positions and their website suggests a Summer 2015 opening date.So, if you're looking for an industry job, now's your chance! Get in there. Bar Deco is located at 717 6th St NW.