Monday, September 14, 2015

Adams Morgan Day 2015: Photos

This year's Adams Morgan Day festival was a bit different than those of the past. Absent were the 40,000+ visitors, the smoky streets from food vendors, car-less, closed streets, and the big-time outdoor stages for music. (How it looked to me in 2013).

In place of the mega-festival was a more low-key, but seemingly more authentic celebration of the neighborhood businesses. The sidewalks were packed with pedestrians, but so were many of the businesses and  restaurants. It wasn't too difficult to walk 18th Street or Columbia Rd NW, but there were enough visitors to make the day feel like a success. Artists played music and displayed works inside restaurants, retail spaces, and on the sidewalks. Here are some photos from this year's festival:

The Spread Love band plays near Suntrust Plaza.
The streets were crowded... but so were restaurants.
Lots of sales by local businesses.
No "Arts on Belmont" this year. Just cars.
Artists displayed and sold works on sidewalks up and down 18th St NW.
Batala drums a perfect beat at Suntrust Plaza.
There were several rooftop bands, including at Roofers Union.
There were fewer programs at Marie Reed this year, but there was karaoke and some kids activities.
Lots and lots of folks attended, but thousands fewer than years past.