Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Frugalista, Brown St Market Under New Management

Two Mount Pleasant businesses are advertising new management as of last weekend. Frugalista is a used clothing store located in the Kennesaw building at 3069 Mount Pleasant St NW. Their Facebook page promises a store remodel and all new clothing inventory. Anyone been to the new iteration? They weren't open when I stopped by this weekend.

Brown Street Market is located at 3320 Brown St NW. It's pretty basic and comprises all of, but not more than, what you would expect form a neighborhood corner market. The store was closed over the weekend and DC property records show that the property was purchased just days ago, for $645,000, by a holding company that was only incorporated this summer. So, who knows what changes are eminent.  Hopefully, the new market stays pretty basic. No need for over the top, niche, or "gourmet/luxury" products. Just give us a quality corner store with the cool ATM that dispenses $5 bills, some cheap chips & snacks, last-second party beer, and slightly marked-up grocery basics that we'll pay a bit for because of convenience's sake. 

by a holding company that just incorporated this summer. So, who knows what changes will come. Hopefully this place