Monday, October 5, 2015

New Church, Residential for 18th & Church St NW

Corner of 18th and Church St today. The current church is to just off to the left of the photo.
Developer CAS Riegler and Dupont's St. Thomas' Parish Episcopal Church are close to finalizing plans to build a 56 unit residential development and new church at the corner of 18th and Church Streets NW. Redevelopment plans for the land at this corner have been active for several years, but the project looks to have cleared major hurdles of design, zoning, and financing to the point of moving to the pre-construction phase.

St. Thomas members currently meet in what was the parish hall. The parish hall comprised much of what remained after the original church building was destroyed in a 1970 arson fire. The area where the sanctuary once stood still belongs to the church, but currently operates as a park that is open to the public.

All of that area would be filled by the new development, which would result in 56 residential units (comprising about 2/3 of property) and a new church (comprising 1/3 of the property). The residential portion would be adjacent to, but separate from the church. The church portion would be the westernmost third of the property fronting 18th Street NW. The new building would rise 70 feet tall, making seven floors, in addition to an underground parking level. 

If you live nearby, the ANC2B is hosting a public input session for all manner of construction related issues on this Wednesday, October 7.

The following images are from a preliminary submission to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (submitted August 28, 2015). The architects are Hickok Cole Architects, who also prepared these images.

Rendering of viewpoint looking southeasterly at project from 18th St NW. Image by Hickok Cole Architects.
West elevation (fronting 18th St NW). Image by Hickok Cole Architects.
South elevation (fronting Church St). Image by Hickok Cole Architects.