Thursday, March 10, 2016

This is the End #2

After 13+ years living in Mount Pleasant and 8+ years writing this website, this is the end

Until I get The X2 site is really up and running, I wanted to look back at some of the most memorable posts from the last eight years of writing The 42. 

Post #2 still resonates 8 years later. The fire at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street altered lives of the displaced residents, tied the city up in a financing and housing mess, and generally, was the subtext to gentrification issues in Mount Pleasant and beyond. Tenant rights, condo conversion, absent owner/landlords, and building code negligence were all a part of this tragic fire, which resulted in no loss of life, thankfully. But, a church that was burned out moved to Maryland (with the building now becoming condos), and the new Oscar Romero apartment building houses just a fraction of the original residents.

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Our Friends and Neighbors; the 3145 and Meridian Hill Church Fires

Right now our neighbors from 3145 Mt Pleasant Street and the Meridian Hill Baptist Church are trying to begin the process of putting their lives back together after the fires of Thursday morning. According to NBC 4, small fires were still smoldering in some parts of the gutted building at 11:30 last night, nearly 24 hours after initial 911 calls. Investigators may not get access to all reaches of the building for at least a week. We can all be thankful that not one person was killed or seriously injured in the 3145 building (the Winston) or the at Meridian Hill Church. Those who were using the shelter housed in the basement of Meridian Hill now have a temporary home at Sacred Heart Catholic Church across 16th Street. The shelter was and is run by Catholic Charities. They accept donations online.

The 42 and this blogger are thinking good thoughts on behalf of all Mount Pleasant and wishes a speedy return of everyone involved to their homes in 3145. Thankfully, there are several ways to help out if you are so inclined. Thanks to Hear Mount PleasantNeighbors Consejo, Pfeiffer's Hardware, La Casa and other local groups and individuals.

  • Cash Donations are probably the most helpful right now; possibly more than clothes and toiletries. Make a cash donation to be used for emergency shelter, medications, etc. For now, Pfeiffer's Hardware (3219 Mt P Street) is accepting cash donations on behalf of Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative.
  • Volunteer you time or offer up a place to stay for residents of 3145, again through CHSFSC.
  • Donate food, clothing or both at Neighbor's Consejo. Its at 3118 16th St, only a few doors down from Meridian Hill Church, but you can donate NOW online.
  • Eat and drink; Don Jaime's (3209 Mt P Street) is donating 20% of this weekend's breakfast sales and aMarch 18 wine tasting at Marx Cafe (3203 Mt P Street), sponsored by Mount Pleasant Main Street; a portion of the $15 entrance will be donated to victim support.