Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3125 Mt Pleasant Street Activity

After what seemed to be a few years of delay there is finally some construction (currently DEstruction) happening at 3125 Mt. Pleasant Street. Its the building that houses the Raven Grill and Mount Pleasant Cleaners on the ground floor. Both businesses appear to be operating at full capacity during the work.

Manna, a DC non profit real estate developer, is working to convert 3125 into 12-13 condominium units. At least some of the DCRA permit work goes back to late 2006. It appears there were some delays due to lead paint and other issues. The condo units will be available as affordable housing, District documents show that residents should be within 50-80% AMI (area median income).

Let's hope Manna pulls through with the affordable housing aspect and keeps a few units in our great neighborhood withing range for the average home/condo buyer. Also remember to support Raven and Mount Pleasant Cleaners, although the last few times I've been by the storefronts, they don't seem to be hurting for business because of the activity upstairs.