Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fiesta DC Visits Mt Pleasant on September 30, 2007

Now wait just a second Fiesta DC organizers, 40,000!? Are ya sure? I mean, Adams Morgan Day organizers are only estimating 24,000 for their gig.

Wow. Well, the organizers for Fiesta DC are predicting up to 40,000 visitors. OK, that's a bit misleading. They're predicting that many visitors and participants for the entire week of activities, the last of which will be a fun looking parade and fest up and down Mt Pleasant Street (see, they even provided a map!). The week of celebration falls in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) and comes at a neat time of year for festivals, early fall. No sweating at this festival. The highlight this year looks to be the "Parade of Nations," which the web sites says will incorporate groups from Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. There sure is a lot of love for Bolivia on the web site. What about El Salvador!? Show some local love too! Of course there'll be music, arts, theater and food. Should be a nice wind down for the summer and since it doesn't look like there will be another Mt Pleasant Day (so sad) in the near future maybe we can claim this one as our own little slice of the Festival Pie.