Monday, August 20, 2007

Mayflower + Adam Express = Yay

The original title of this post was Mayflower VS Adam Express. But why? Why the focus on competition? There's already the 42 Bus No Cheese Pizza Wars (more coming soon, including a new competitor, Red Rocks!). This post isn't about a contest. I just wanted to commend these two establishments for being my "I can't think of anything to cook/I actually don't have any food at home" stand-bys. Mayflower is great for those times when you've damned calories and want to throw a little caution to the proverbial health conscious wind. On the other hand, for that wholesome, healthy, light, just about fills you up but not really veggie sushi dinner, try Adam Express. I can't eat most of the non vegan friendly Korean food, but the word around town is that its up there with the best. Plus the owner/chef couple are truly sweet and run this quintessential small business with care and an obvious sense of food quality control. Mayflower is that cross between ubiquitous big city Chinese take out with the plexi-glass window (so you can't rob them) and the small town, cheap, but actually fairly good quality and not really all that busy local Chinese restaurant (who always keeps the plexi-glass open anyway). Way more generic that Adam Express, but still very much belonging to the neighborhood. Ah.... thanks Mayflower and Adam Express for making city living more about reality and less about cliche'.

Yes, I forgot to mention where they were.  Both are on Mt Pleasant St NW.  Mayflower is just below Irving St at 3066 Mt Pleasant St.  Adam Express is a little further up at 3211 Mt Pleasant.  Also, Adam Express is closed on Sundays.