Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Old Convetnion Center Site" Redevelopment on Hold; To be Rezoned, Rebranded

The pace of rezoning, designing and planning the details of the "Old Convention Center" site is slowing according to the Examiner. Mayor Fenty, who is becoming a mini-Mayor Williams when it comes to development and gentrification, wanted the project to pick up speed and possibly brake ground within his first year of office. Looks like it may take another year for that milestone to be met.

The site is at the other end of the 42 bus line at 9th and H Sts NW. Now its used as a parking lot. Too bad its not closer to the new Nationals stadium, which (allegedly) will be lacking several thousand spaces for the expected number of drivers next spring. I've never seen the "Old Convention Center" parking lot full at any time of day or night. Its been put to various uses over the last couple of years. Remember Cirque du Soleil setting up camp?

The city is also working on "re-branding," or renaming the site. I guess "Old Convention Center" isn't as alluring as some of the other condo/retail made up names in the area; like the Joule, the Solea, or Zoso. Let's be honest, there's no way I'd be up to telling my parents back home that I'm moving into a place called the Joule. Joule? Isn't that a unit if measurement for energy? Come on people. What, Websters ran out of real words? What happened to naming apartments and condos after the neighborhood, or geographical features? All I'm saying is I hope whichever firm gets the $15000-$20000 to consult with the city and name the place gets it right. No way I'm taking my parents to a place called the Mole, or the Calorie when they come to vist. No way.