Friday, April 4, 2008

EBC the Latest in String of Closures

The latest in an unnerving string of local business departures, the Express Business Center has announced its closing recently. The quirky business at 3064 Mount Pleasant Street (below Irving) served a niche market in the neighborhood, providing money wiring services and offering computer and internet use. In addition, EBC offered other office fare like faxing, copying and shipping services. There was a a rather large flat screen plasma TV inside, and you could always find the game, a bad telenovela, or Playstation on the screen at any given time. Before the Kinko's stores on 14th Street and Calvert Street, EBC provided a way for those without PCs and home internet connections to access email and other computer services at affordable rates. I rarely visited, but just after they opened a few years ago I used the internet there for something along the lines of $2.00 per hour. Kinko's on 14th Street charges 25¢ per minute, or $15.00 per hour. The doors may close any day now: I called to inquire about the closing and the phones had already been disconnected. EBC is only a few doors down from Speed Wash Laundry, which closed in March.