Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike to Work Day is Tomorrow

Well, I guess this is officially considered late notice, but Bike to Work Day is tomorrow, May 16th! The day is recognized by communities all over the nation. In the DC region the related events are being organized, of course, by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. WABA is promoting the ride in several ways, including caravan rides from points across the entire Washington area. One of the caravan rides leaves from Mount Pleasant! Bright and early, at 7:30am, an official WABA representative will lead a convoy of bikers downtown to Freedom Plaza (14th and Penn). Meet the convoy at Lamont Park. I guess you can veer off on your own if you really need to get to work, but there will be festivities and food of some sort at Freedom Plaza. The path actually follows my bike-as-a-workout path down Columbia Rd, through Dupont and in front of the White House. Sadly I may bike later, alone since it doesn't take me two hours to get to work. I will bike though! If you can, try it out. It's better than taking the Metro or bus (except for the 42). But yeah, much better than the S buses or the 50s buses. Please don't get me started on the H1 bus.... Maybe see you on the roads tomorrow!