Friday, August 29, 2008

Fro Yo is an Abbreviation

Well, speaking of trends (see cupcakes below) there is a new frozen yogurt shop in Adams Morgan, Cali Yogurt. At one point, I thought Adams Morgan was safe from any venues that didn't sell alcohol or records, but I guess this place plans to pay the bills by riding the frozen yogurt wave. Since I'm vegan (and haven't had yogurt since, like, middle school) I have no idea how great or terrible it tastes, but the stuff does have some dedicated customers.

The yogurt shop (2473 18th St NW) replaces Miss Pixies which moved to an impressively large space on 14th Street near Logan Circle.

At least Cali Yogurt is spicing up the menu with organic teas. I mean, yes!, now there's a reason to stop by. I love chamomile. Also, I sincerely hope they change the name to Cali Fro Yo. I really do love abbreviating double syllabic words. What's next, Try SoBa and Lo (Tryst Coffee Bar and Lounge) or, wait, wait, what about BraMo (Brass Monkey), or JulNada's (Julia's Empanadas). I kid, I kid. Good luck to Cali Yogurt. Perhaps I will swing by for a tea this winter.