Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simply Soles Opens Storefront on Park

The previously online and catalog only shoe store Simply Soles has opened a retail storefront at 1438 Park Road NW. The brick and mortar version of Kassie Rempel's store opened last week. Rempel is a Mount Pleasant resident, so she may have the best commute to work of anyone in DC.

The space used to house an ACE check cashing store, so no loss there. This is the block in which DCUSA rests, on the eastern half. The rest of the block is made up of small markets, two restaurants, a barber shop and a couple of low rise apartment buildings. Lots of foot traffic on this block of Park Road. I'm sure this place will get word of mouth referrals as well because of its boutique/local status and the fact that it sells quality women's shoes. This is not Payless, ladies. You can get the top of the line designers like Tory Burch and.... hahaha. Who am I kidding, I know nothing about women's shoes. But, the store does remind me of a place you'd go to for a pair of shows that will wow the other women at the next cocktail party or wedding. Good luck to this place and other businesses on that neat stretch of Park Road.