Monday, December 1, 2008

Sorry Bancroft, 44 Chooses Sidwell

We never had much hope anyway. The next first family will send the two young ones to Sidwell Friends, the elite private school of Tenleytown and Bethesda. The debate over public vs private schools wasn't really a debate. Just a competition of sorts among the region's best known private schools. In the end Georgetown Day and Sidwell Friends were named the top two and for various reasons Friends won out.

Here in Mount Pleasant, that's old hat. We had our own Presidential daughter to brag about back in 2005, when Jenna Bush taught for a year at Elsie Stokes Charter School. So, I guess that pretty much took our very own Bancroft Elementary (pictured left) out of the running.

As for Sidwell, seems like a fine choice. Let me note that the middle and upper schools are located on an amazing campus on Wisconsin Ave. The middle school is housed in a ridiculous state of the art LEED certified structure. Its the only LEED Platinum school in the world. Yes, the world. I took a tour of the place two months ago and was blown away. During peak hours, the building produces enough energy to put electricity back onto the grid. Just amazing. They spared no expense renovating the old building while creating a world class unique learning and working environment for the students. The Obama family surely took this into consideration. They are also taking into consideration the staggering $58,000 combined annual tuition for both daughters. That's a big hit in the wallet, but somehow I doubt they'll be cutting back on Christmas gifts or anything else to compensate.

And yes, its a slow news day.