Friday, February 6, 2009

Satellite Images Show Ruin and Reconstruction

These new satellite images from Google Earth the significant change Mount Pleasant and nearby Columbia Heights have been through over the past few years. The first image, of Mount Pleasant, shows the still vacant ruins of 3145 Mount Pleasant Street (1). The apartment building was gutted by fire last March. One wing was left standing, the other remains a hole in the ground. Immediately east of 3145 is Meridian Hill Baptist Church (2). Its roof was destroyed in the same fire. In this image, the roof repairs are nearly complete.

In the Columbia Heights image is the recently finished construction around 14th and Irving Streets. No less than seven major construction projects have been completed in the last five years, including four major residential buildings, the massive DCUSA shopping center (4) and a Giant grocery store. On the western edge of Columbia Heights are the rebuilt, state of the art, Lincoln Middle and Bell Multicultural High Schools (3), part of the DCPS system.

5. Tivoli Square Theater, Offices and Giant grocery store
6. Park Triangle Apartments
7. Kenyon Square Condos
8. Victory Heights Seniors Housing
9. Highland Park Apartments