Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vegan Cake, Buses, Natürlich

Well, I was wrong. A few weeks ago I complained that the District Department of Transportation wasn't doing enough in the way of promotion of the Circulator's new routes. Well, I wasn't looking hard enough. A simple internet search would have unearthed this YouTube channel just for the Circulator. DDOT got a little creative in an effort to show that the Circulator bus can take you to interesting and perhaps unknown spots all over the city.

Sticky Fingers, Peregrine Espresso, Good Food Eatery and Garden District are among the businesses featured. I like the adds and they seem to show DDOT making a creative effortto get the message out. So, my apologies Circulator! DDOT, you are trying, I failed to look before I spoke. I like the ads, very nice. If I could only bake a vegan cake in under 30 seconds...