Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun Post: Backdoor at Backbar

Start August off with a dance party. This event is not on the 42 bus line, but is fully endorsed by the 42 Bus. A slew of local DJs, including a few with Mt Pleasant roots are hosting the first ever Backdoor dance party at the 9:30 Club's Backbar.

From the Backdoor folks:

"On our maiden voyage, take a musical summer vacation with us, with booty jams that transcend time and space:

Transcontinental African pop rifts, timewarps of funk and disco, islands of reggaeton and dancehall, tropical epochs of cumbia, and new seasonal intersections of anything and everything that makes you want to dance.

DJ Natty Boom
DJ Mothersheister
DJ Trash
DJ rAt
DJ bent
+ Visiting Professor DJ Kofi

Saturday Aug 1st 11pm-3am $5
9:30 Club Backbar, 815 V St (9th St Entrance)
Pop Quizzes and Beverage Giveaways!!
Surprise Drink Specials!

BACKDOOR is a reminder of how marginalized folks have been denied front door access to social spaces and how people have always resisted that by creating their own spaces. We want this party to be a mix of all kinds of communities. A contrast between being forced to use the backdoor and meet clandestinely, and our choice now to meet together that way."

Dancehall! I've just started to get into dancehall after a friend in NY, NY introduced me to some good dancehall a few months ago. Not sure if they'll play anything like this at the party, but I've been jamming to Serani and similar artists recently. So, if you're reading this DJs....