Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fun Post: Renaming Columbia Heights Station

Five days out of the average week, I use Metro rail to get to and from work. The station I use is Columbia Heights. Every morning I make the trip there and every afternoon, I make the trip from Columbia Heights station back to Mount Pleasant. I see dozens of you doing the same daily (some on an identical schedule down to the minute!).

Whether you cross over on Irving, Park, Monroe or Newton, the quick walk over to 14th Street and the Metro are truly a great reason to live in Mount Pleasant. We get the quaint quirkiness of our neighborhood without the coming and going of traffic on busy 16th or 14th Streets. At the same time, we're within walking distance of the second largest rail system in the United States. Not too shabby.

Since it's our Metro of choice, would you support renaming the station "Columbia Heights-Mount Pleasant?" Greater Greater Washington mentioned this as a possible aid to the neighborhood businesses. We'd literally be put on the map for DC area residents and visitors who had never been here. On the other hand, it is not actually in the neighborhood and could possibly cause confusion for some who don't know this part of the city well. What do you think? Vote on the poll and leave a reason for or against in the comments.