Thursday, October 15, 2009

Video: Yula Be'eri in Adams Morgan

This show was just a lot of fun. I went on a recommendation of a friend and a quick site check. I enjoyed the 30 seconds or so I heard of Yula Be'eri online and decided to head over to Asylum on Wednesday night to see for myself. This Brooklyn-based band took the stage shortly after 10:30pm, succeeding a DC band, Punch Drunk Poets. PDP played acoustic and I really dug them as well.

But Yula was amazing. Very much like a stripped down Gogol Bordello. Yula and her mates were only 3 strong, but switched instruments several times and had good stage presence and banter. Picked up a CD and left the bar in a tune. Doesn't happen often. Here's to better shows on the 42 bus route. If you know of a good upcoming show, please pass along the details to the42bus at gmail dot com.

Yula Be'eri and the Extended Family playing at Asylum from The 42 Bus on Vimeo.