Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cool Parkour Video

Year's ago, at the end of MTVs heyday I saw a "news" story on what was then knows as "freestyle walking." This was maybe, 10 years ago? Little did I know that it has grown into a full blown genre of activity called parkour, or freerunning. Essentially, its the free and efficient movement of humans over around under, and through obstacles the built environment. Using the world around you and changing it's purpose by how you interact with it.

Parkour is sort of hard to explain in words, but luckily there are lots of videos like the one below that show off people doing it. It mostly happens in urban settings. I've seen people engaging in it at Malcolm X-Meridian Hill Park and other places, but I don't know if there is a dedicated group here in DC. Probably so, as there is a dedicated group for almost every societal sub culture somewhere in the DC area, however small. The video is a preview of the movie, My Playground, by Danish film maker Kaspar Astrup Schröder. Enjoy.