Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parker Posey Movie Marathon at Asylum

Asylum Rock and Roll Lounge is putting on another cool movie night. The organizers of the Wes Anderson and John Hughes movie marathons are turning their attention to a single actor this time. No, not my all time favorite John Cusack. It's Parker Posey! My second favorite. Well, maybe third favorite after Joan Cusack.

Posey appears in so many films, I lost count trying to recall by memory. But Asylum is showing the best three: Best in Show, Party Girl and the pièce de résistance, The House of Yes. They'll be shown next Wednesday.

There could be an argument made for a few others to be included, particularly subUrbia and Drunks. But those were worthy movies that happen to include Posey. The three being shown are clearly the best of the films she's starred in. You will enjoy them all! And so will I. If you have been to these movie nights before, you know that the seats fill up fast and that you should not be jerky to the people sitting next to you at the bar (yes, I'm talking to you loud, random visitors from a state that shall remain nameless). The movies will be shown at the upstairs bar on three TVs and the one big pull down screen over the stairs.

The details:
Wednesday February 17
7:00PM Best in Show
8:45PM Party Girl
10:30PM The House of Yes (below)
Asylum 2471 18th Street NW