Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photos: Sweetlife Festival

Last Saturday was rather overcast, so not a great day for outdoor photography. The Sweetlife Festival came off pretty great though, as far as my experience is concerned. Just after 2:00pm, when I arrived, it was very lightly attended although it was purportedly sold out. The show started promptly however with a great set by Matthew Hemerleine (amazing solo cover of Ginuwine's Pony included). I just could not make it to the end of the fest, I was getting so tired. I missed Hot Chip's DJ set and U.S. Royalty.

The highlights for me were Hemerlein and Phil Adé (both pictured below). Adé played to a slightly larger crowd; enough to get into the performance during a chilly and damp spring day. He'll next appear at an event with a sweet name, Hustlepalooza, on May 5th.

Everyone was chill and as far as I know there was no drama. If this happens next year, I vote for better weather! And more food on site. That's it really. The fest was alcohol free, which was refreshingly pleasant. Really nice event and for a good cause; benefiting DC Farm to School.