Monday, August 23, 2010

alTARGETives: Where to Shop if You're Boycotting Target

A few weeks ago I got excited because the Target store in the DCUSA mall would soon begin selling fresh produce and generally expand it's grocery selection.  Then, someone commented about the recent news that Target was involved in a bit of controversy.  The company is receiving lots of negative attention over giving a large corporate donation to a Minnesota political fund that in turn spent some of the money producing ads for a questionable MN gubernatorial candidate.  You can read about the story here

So, if you are boycotting Target --or never shopped there in there first place-- where do you go for those products some of us have grown used to getting there?  This should be easy for most of you.  Target only opened in 2008 and you somehow got by without it before. 

Graphic Ts:  Target is the king of cheap graphic t-shirts.  People must really love those "retro" fake-faded looking Rolling Stone shirts.  Or the ones that have an old Dr. Pepper logo or an 80s comic book character.   If you must have that wacky, "it's only one of a kind because none of my friends would wear anything from Target" kinda t-shirt, try Washington Souvenir Headquarters at 421 7th Street NW.  They are a holdover from the Inauguration and carry all kinds of stuff from stupid pun joke shirts to political shirts from the left and right viewpoints.

Beer and Wine:  For better or worse we have a lot of choices within walking distance.  Maybe Samber Market or Sportsman's (both near Mount Pleasant Street and Park Rd NW).  Where are people's favorite places to purchase adult beverages around here?  

Cheap Swimwear: Ladies, a little help on this one?  I have no idea where to go.  Marshall's?  Guys?  Anywhere for us?  I feel like you can get board shorts pretty much anywhere.  Macy's?  I don't know.  Maybe City Sports.

Household maintenance "stuff":  You know, batteries, light bulbs, tools, mops, brooms, etc.  Stuff you only seem to need, well,  when you need it.  Pfeiffer's Hardware.  Logan Hardware.  Cooper's.

Body Care:  Target has a rather large body care section.  Maybe try something new (but spend a lot more) at Lush in Georgetown.  I like them because they are very open about their vegan friendly-ness, which is hard to come by with cosmetics.  And their printed catalog is cool looking. 3066 M Street NW.

Groceries:  Easy.  Bestworld, Giant, Yes!, Whole Foods, Safeway, Harris Teeter, various farmers markets.  Go bananas.  Go get some bananas.

Kitchenware: Starting to miss that Micheal Graves chic? IKEA to bland for your taste? Try one of handful of stores on 14th St NW.  Home Rule is the best of the bunch. They pack a lot into the little store at 1807 14th Street NW. Heavy on the kitchen and bath items. I've bought more gifts here than items I actually use at home. If you're looking for larger items, like furniture, lamps or weird accoutrement, try Miss Pixies two blocks south.

Have you heard of the boycott?  Are you doing it?  Do you even care?  Even if you aren't boycotting Target, try one of the smaller, cooler stores listed here.  Maybe they have what you need at a cheaper price, or maybe you'll find something new and better.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you don't need to shop anywhere for anything right now.  But it can't hurt trying something new for the second time.