Friday, August 20, 2010

Will This Church Become a Hotel?

Not anytime soon, but the idea is out there.  And wheels are turning.  The owners of the Edition brand hotel have been eying this spot for almost three years.  Edition is a boutique hotel brand related to the Marriott behemoth.  

The hotel would occupy what is now the First Church of Christ Scientist building on Euclid Street NW at Columbia Rd.  A rebuild and additon would transform the building into 150 hotel rooms, six restaurants and a gym + spa.  It's unclear whether any of that would be accessible to the public at large.

Now Ward One council member Jim Graham wants to give the Edition developers a 15 year property tax abatement in order to tip their hand in favor of building the hotel on the site.  The tax relief would start in 2014 when the hotel is scheduled to open.  The abatement is just a proposal at this point.  It would have to be approved by the city to become reality.  I want a 15 year property tax break!  Wow.  

Anyway, I'm really curious how a major hotel would change Adams Morgan.  There are a few bed and breakfasts nearby, and of course the Hilton in Dupont, but this place is right in the heart of Adams Morgan.  Edition would be a ways away from any Metro stop (.7 miles from each the two closest) and would be in the thick of the Adams Morgan fray on a nightly basis.  I'm sure it'd be a draw for a certain type of visitor and might be one of the classiest places in the neighborhood after it's all said and done.  But I'm not sold on the tax abatement.  Will keep you updated on how this one unfolds.