Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burritos Fast is Now Tex Mex Burrito?

Perplexed by this change. During Fiesta DC, I stopped by a fairly busy Burritos Fast for what ended up being my dinner. I picked up what I thought was a menu from a nearby competitor, "Tex Mex Burrito." But, then I opened it and it had pretty much the same selection. Then I looked on the back page and sure enough, the address of Tex Mex Burrito was listed as 3213 Mount Pleasant Street NW, the same as Burrito Fast.

They're changing the name. Not sure why. The new name is written on the front window. I'm partial to Burritos Fast, but hey, maybe Tex Mex Burrito is more exciting sounding.

The website listed on the new menu wasn't active yet and it also advertised for catering and delivery, which I'm pretty sure they didn't offer before this name change? New territory for Burritos Fast. The veggie burrito I ordered was huge and tasted the same as always, so I'll be back.