Monday, October 4, 2010

Video: Crafty B-Girl and B-Boy Battles

Crafty Bastards was a beast. I felt so overwhelmed walking the narrow and slow moving aisles at the craft and art fair. It was hella crowded in each of the four of the main areas, all outside the Marie Reed Learning Center at18th St and Wyoming NW. Everyone making the best of what was possibly the last summer-like weekend of the year. And just before this rather miserable rain we've had the last two days. Lucky.

Slightly less crowded was the recessed area where the break dancing competition happened, the "Performance Pit". I felt much better down there. And that's where I took this video. The b-boy and b-girl competitions are best viewed from up on high behind the fence, but those spots are hard to come by. I was happy down below.

Was it just me or was there a lot more crotch grabbing this year? Perhaps a year-late MJ tribute. Despite that, I thought the level of dance was higher than 2009 and many of the same dancers were took part. There were way more women this year, which was awesome. Hopefully that trend continues. And there were more tandem and synchronized moves between partners. This video is form the second round. The sound is a little blown out so turn it down if you're in the office. Sorry about that. Check out other dance videos and more on The 42 Bus Vimeo page.

Crafty Battles 2010: BBoys and BGirls (1) from The 42 Bus on Vimeo.