Tuesday, October 5, 2010

La Casa Update and More: Keeping Tabs

** The Washington City Paper has followed up on the La Casa/Highland Park situation. Over two posts, they've revealed more about the plans to to add an addition to Highland Park Apartments and build a new facility serving the District's homeless. 

The timing of the demolition of the existing La Casa and the rebuilding of the new facility is key. The developers want to build the Highland Park addition as soon they can. But questions remain regarding closing an emergency shelter just before winter and of course, the other elephant in the room, money. The new community based residential facility will cost $10 million to construct and only $6 million is secure at this point. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks to Ms. DePillis for digging a little deeper.

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**I'm fascinated by this trend of large corporations pitting non profits against each other in the quest for decent, but one time monetary prizes via online voting. The Pepsi Refresh project comes to mind. And here's another; one that could potentially benefit a great DC organization, Miriam's Kitchen

The Sears Chef Challenge will award up to $20,000 to Miriam's Kitchen if chef John Murphy wins the whole contest. But, first he must be voted the best of DC, then go on to face other chefs from across the country. 

So, hit up the website and vote accordingly. The other two DC area charities who could win are Capital Area Food Bank and Maryland Food Bank. Either way, a great cause will benefit, so let's try and steer that money to the DC area.

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**Just a reminder, the DC Asian Pacific American film festival starts this Thursday. This is is a ten day film fest screening films by and about Asian Americans. After the opening night film is screened at E Street Cinema at 7:00pm, there will be a festival reception at nearby Asia Nine restaurant. It's free if you attend the film and $10 otherwise. I just found out they're offering various discounts for groups, seniors and more, which is cool. They're a fairly small organization, so if you're at all interested, check out a film or two and support the arts in DC.