Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vegan Pizza Day is Saturday

Vegan pie at Pizzeria Paradiso
Right up there in relative prestige with Squirrel Appreciation Day (last Monday): Vegan Pizza Day. Except on Vegan Pizza Day you get to eat pizza. You don't eat squirrels on their day. Normal people don't, anyway.

Yes, Saturday January 29 is National Vegan Pizza Day. Pizza. Vegan. Can't go wrong. You just can't.

You may know that I was slightly obsessed with vegan pizza few years ago. Still am, really. I like making my own, but there are several places in DC where you can get a primo tomato pie or go full on with vegan cheese, like Teese or Daiya. I'm a fan of cheese-less vegan pizza. 

My favorites are Pizzeria Paradiso and believe it or not, Astor Mediterranean. Honorable mention to Ella's and I only recently discovered 2 Amys, which was also outstanding. Matter of fact, I owe 2 Amys them another visit.

VegDC has a more complete list of local parlors where you can order the dairy free pizzas this Saturday, or whenever. I'm planning on celebrating Vegan Pizza Day more than once of course. Like tonight. And maybe tomorrow. and I guess, if I have to, Saturday. Like I said, I love the stuff!