Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Temporium Debut a Blast

Friday night proved to be one of the best nights I've ever had in the neighborhood. The local feel good event of the year was made possible by a serendipitous finding of  fall-like temperatures, a last minute DCRA C of O and a who's who of Mount Pleasant friends and family.

The Temporium looks and feels like a real, permanent, retail store. The vendors each have their respective sections, but the flow and layout says permanent and professional. A lot of hard work went into this; that much is clear. Of course, Nana will make a more permanent go of it in this same space (3068 Mt P St NW) after the Temporium closes on March 13. Hats off to Nana for hosting the Temporium. We are all grateful!

During the grand opening on Friday (7-9pm) residents filled the sidewalk in front of the store because it was SO packed inside. One could barely get inside, let alone focus enough to shop, but we did. At points, the line formed at the register and continued to the back of the store next to DJs from Radio CPR and the cakes, cookies and sodas. Ward One city council member Jim Graham spoke as well as a handful of others including staff from Office of Planning and the owner of Nana.

So many friends were present, including many I hadn't seen in a while. Good to see you all. Just a wonderful gathering. I met a few new folks as well. Always good to do that every now and again, too. Ercilia's Restaurant next door seemed to get a spillover boost, as did Haydee's. (Also, word on the street is that the voluntary agreement with Haydee's is no more. Great news if that's true and I'll report more on that as I find out more info.)

Art, ceramics, lamps, clothing, posters, pillows; you name it, it's probably being sold. Even on yesterday's rainy late afternoon, there were 8-10 people shopping in the store when I walked by. All prospective businesses, Mount Pleasant will support you! Come on in. Our neighborhood would welcome you. But for now, we are happy to support the local artists and other vendors at the Temporium. This will be a fun month!

Jim Graham gives a speech
I was stuck standing in this spot for a while