Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pizza Hut Closes in Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is down one pizza joint. The Pizza Hut at 1769 Columbia Rd appears shuttered, at least for the time being. A quick check of the Pizza Hut website reveals that the location is no longer available in the store locator search.  Sorry Adams Morgan, no more Hut pizza or hot wings for the time being. Le sigh... Just kidding. I imagine it won't be missed. I rarely witnessed customers patronizing this place. However, if you do yearn for the Hut 'za, fliers over the covered windows direct customers to a nearby location on Georgia Avenue NW. 

Rest assured you'll be able to get much better pies without traveling too far from 1769 Columbia. Of course in Mount Pleasant we have Radius Pizza and Angelico. In Columbia Heights, Pete's Apizza and Red Rocks. In Adams Morgan multiple jumbo slice locations (too many to list here), Astor Mediterranean, Pi Pizzeria and a few others barely clinging to the ladder rung just above jumbo slice operators. Basically, you're still covered for pizza in the neighborhood. If I get an update on this space, you'll be the first to know!